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Best Practices for Managing a Community Space

Published on
February 2, 2024
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Empowering Community Through Strength
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Discover Logora's effective strategies for managing a thriving community space where readers can contribute and participate.

Mark the Launch of Your Community Space

Show your readers that you're providing an ongoing space for their contributions. To emphasize its longevity, launch multiple debates on the first day. We recommend starting with at least 5 debates and one consultation, if included in your subscription.

By offering a variety of topics from the start, your space will showcase the diversity of subjects covered and populate the index of proposed topics. Launching only one topic will result in an empty index and debate pages without any suggested debates.

Ensuring visibility for the debates is crucial for a successful launch. We suggest placing debates in article categories or tags to cover a significant percentage of your articles, engaging your readers right from the start.

Assign a Debate Referent within the Editorial Team

To keep your community engaged, regularly post 3 or 4 new debate topics each week. While the entire editorial staff can contribute to debate creation, it is not necessary. One person can effectively manage the space by proposing new topics, requiring only an hour or two per week.

Every Tuesday, we review your site's articles and suggest relevant debates directly on your administration space, reducing the editorial workload to less than an hour per week.

Create Argumentative Topics

When formulating a consultation or debate question, encourage participants to take an argumentative stance. Our tool offers more than just a simple polling feature, allowing for comprehensive discussions.

Avoid questions like "For or against..." and instead focus on questions starting with "Should..." as they promote effective argumentation. Select subjects that affect readers' daily lives, such as politics, economy, or health, to generate more reactions. The question should challenge the reader and spark a desire to convince those with opposing opinions.

Reward the Best Contributors

Similar to embedding a tweet, you can showcase the best contributions from your community space in your articles using an iframe. This method enhances your content creation, emphasizes the value of your community's contributions, and elevates the visibility of your content space.

Logora's Future Development

The Logora team is currently working on a summary module that will allow you to easily share the trends and results of your community's discussions. This future feature will provide valuable insights into your community's engagement and help you further enhance your space management strategies.