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Breaking Language Barriers: How RTS and Logora Supports Multilingual Participation

Published on
February 27, 2024
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Image showcasing the innovative moderation system enabling participation in multiple European languages.
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Understanding the value of broad spectrum participation

In the diverse landscape of today's news outlets, audience participation has become an important pillar. Open platforms for commentary, debate, and contributions provide an engaging and immersive environment, thus fostering a dynamic relationship between the paper and its readership. But herein lies a challenge: how do we ensure conversation remains fluid and intelligible when multiple languages enter into play ? Concretely, how can we break down language barriers without sacrificing quality of participation? The solution lies in embracing automated translation, moderation and putting into perspective the best written messages.

Embracing multilingual participation for inclusive debates

We have recently launched a debate platform in collaboration with the media RTS that utilizes the Deepl API to translate comments into any language. This tool enables all Swiss citizens, regardless of their language, to participate in the same debate. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone can have a voice and contribute their thoughts and opinions.

This technology is extremely helpful as it breaks down language barriers and allows for a more diverse range of perspectives to be shared. By enabling multilingual participation, we are fostering a more inclusive and engaging environment for all users.

This concept can be applied in other countries as well, where language diversity is prevalent. For example, in a country like Canada where English and French are both official languages, a similar platform could be utilized to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to participate in debates and discussions regardless of their language proficiency.

By embracing technology such as the Deepl API for automated translation, we can create more inclusive and diverse communities where every voice is heard and valued. Let's continue to break down language barriers and promote cross-cultural understanding through innovative solutions like this.

a) Our approach

The integration of the Deepl API in our debate platform marks a significant technological advancement in facilitating multilingual participation. By utilizing this automated translation tool, users can seamlessly engage in discussions and debates regardless of their language proficiency. This innovative approach not only breaks down language barriers but also fosters a more inclusive and diverse online community.

b) Impact on democracy

- Statistics show that 26% of the Swiss population speaks an official language other than the majority language, highlighting the importance of inclusivity in democratic processes.
- An analysis of user engagement on our platform reveals a substantial increase in participation from diverse linguistic backgrounds since the implementation of the Deepl API.
- Studies have shown that inclusive platforms lead to more informed decision-making and a stronger sense of civic engagement among citizens, ultimately strengthening democratic processes.

By enabling all citizens to participate in debates and discussions, our platform promotes a more representative and inclusive democracy. We work to Increase diversity of perspectives leads to more well-rounded and informed decision-making processes within the community.
The use of innovative technology to bridge language gaps sets a precedent for other democratic platforms to prioritize inclusivity and accessibility for all citizens.

Overall, the integration of the Deepl API in our debate platform showcases the transformative power of technology in building a more inclusive and democratic society. By embracing innovation and prioritizing multilingual participation, we are taking significant strides towards a more equitable and representative democracy.

Here is a video from RTS national television (german language) displaying how Swiss citizens can interact in any language :

The Power of Multilingual User Contributions

Recognizing the value of user contributions is fundamental. Users hail insightful discussions and thoughtful debates, undeniably contributing to the richness of any news outlet. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that users are not an homogenous group. Not all your readers are comfortable expressing in English. Ensuring that every reader is empowered to interact in their preferred language, effectively brings forth a wider range of perspectives and a deeper cultural understanding.

In light of these insights, we at Logora invite decision-makers in news sites to consider the integration of automated translation and moderation to handle multilingual support. It will break language barriers, diversify user contributions, and introduce more perspectives into the mix. We understand the challenges and are ready to support this transition with a robust, adaptable system that truly conveys respect for your audience's linguistic diversity.