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Understanding Our Moderation System

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February 19, 2024
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Scrabble making reference to AI as Logora uses automated moderation
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Maintaining high-quality content and fostering engaging discussions are essential for any news media outlet. At Logora, we prioritise content moderation to ensure that only well thought-out and relevant arguments are published. Our moderation system combines technology and human expertise to guarantee meaningful and respectful conversations. In this article, we will delve into the workings of our moderation system and highlight how it can benefit your publication.

Ensuring content quality

Ensuring the quality of the content published on your site is both a legal requirement and an editorial responsibility. At Logora, we guarantee calm, interesting, and readable discussions by carefully moderating each argument.

Moderation process

Once a argument is posted it's sent to the moderation manager system, which is primarily handled by the Logora team. Our advanced moderation algorithm processes approximately 80% to 85% of the arguments instantly. The remaining 15% to 20% undergo manual moderation within 24 hours to ensure maximum accuracy.

Our team can moderate on your behalf, if you wish. We can also connect other moderation algorithms (Netino, Perspective, Bodyguard) or your own solutions easily.

Logora moderation system allows to connect different moderation algorithm
You can connect to different moderation algorithms from ours to your own moderation solution.

Validation and publishing

Arguments that go through moderation are duly validated and published. Our relevance algorithm further rates each contribution, highlighting the most well-thought-out arguments. This ensures that valuable and insightful discussions receive prominence within your comment section.

How moderation works

Our moderation system, provided by Logora, combines technology and human intervention to deliver superior results. With over 45,000 contributions accurately labeled, our algorithm streamlines the moderation process.

Automatic moderation

The algorithm autonomously accepts arguments that exhibit readability, well-written structure, and non-hateful content. Arguments with uncertain quality (e.g., unknown source, new terms, or concepts) are escalated for manual moderation by our highly qualified team of native-speaking professionals.

Transparent process

Our moderation interface is seamlessly integrated within your administration area, enabling transparency and collaboration. While our experts ensure the smooth functioning of moderation, you retain the option to intervene and accept or reject contributions should you wish to do so.

In this example, you can see a list of arguments passed through the moderation algorithm: some are automatically accepted, others rejected and pending.

A low moderation score means that the algorithm considers the argument to be safe. A high moderation score means that this kind of argument is unknown or has been rejected.

The moderation interface of Logora's admin space
Each argument will get a moderation score.

One-click moderation

Our platform offers the convenience of one-click moderation, complemented by an intuitive interface designed to streamline the moderation process.

The goal is to give moderation teams the tools they need to handle their workload effortlessly and efficiently. With a simple click, moderators can accept, reject, or skip arguments in the moderation queue. In cases where a rejection is necessary, moderators can provide a descriptive label, explaining the reason behind the decision.

Furthermore, moderators have the option to add notes, enabling seamless communication among team members. These notes can serve various purposes, such as flagging content with potential approval concerns or warning against users with questionable comments.

The beauty of our moderation view is that multiple team members can moderate at the same time, ensuring that arguments only need to be moderated once, saving time and resources.

One-click moderation interface of Logora's admin space.
One-click moderation with an intuitive interface.

Prioritising arguments

To make your contribution space more engaging, we have developed a 'relevance' algorithm that highlights the best-written arguments. Rather than judging the substance of the arguments, we focus on their form and structure to distinguish them.

Calculating relevance

Our algorithm assesses four key indicators to calculate the quality of the text:

- Text length

- Percentage of capital letters

- Percentage of punctuation characters

- Percentage of grammatical or spelling errors

We leverage the Open Source LanguageTool library to evaluate grammar and spelling errors accurately. The final relevance score incorporates these indicators, providing an objective measure of argument quality.

Engagement and voting

While the algorithm determines the initial relevance score, user votes also influence the final score. An argument's score is calculated using the formula: S(x,y) = x + (y/100)^1.1 * (1 - x), where x is the quality score, and y represents the number of votes. This unbiased approach ensures that both longer, well-crafted arguments and shorter, less-developed ones have an equal chance of receiving engagement.

At Logora, our moderation system prioritises content quality, ensuring engaging and well-written discussions on your platform. By combining advanced technology with human expertise, we guarantee the smooth operation of moderation while fostering informative conversations. Our transparent and collaborative approach enables you to maintain control while benefiting from our moderation expertise. We can help you to enhance the quality and engagement of your discussion sections.

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