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February 7, 2024
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In today's rapidly evolving debate space, our goal is to create the ultimate platform for online discussions. To ensure you make the most of all the features available, here are some best practices to follow.

1. Be Featured and Amplify Your Voice

Our space empowers you to showcase your contributions effectively. The most compelling arguments are given prominence by being displayed at the top of the debate space and at the bottom of articles. As a result, your argument will receive greater visibility and reach a larger audience.

In contentious debates spanning thousands of articles, the contributions deemed most relevant are placed at the bottom of each article, reaching tens of thousands of readers. For instance, if you provide the best contribution in an election-related debate, your argument could be highlighted in the footer of tens of thousands of election-related articles.

So, what makes a contribution relevant? It's a combination of garnering support, having a well-structured argument, and being free of spelling mistakes. Additionally, our editors may share contributions they find intriguing on online articles and even in print editions.

2. Earn Points and Unlock Exclusive Features

Crafting high-quality contributions not only enhances your impact but also earns you points. These points offer access to various features, which may be periodically updated. The details of these features are explained in your debater profile.

Some examples of actions that can be unlocked with points include suggesting debates to the editors or inviting another user for a duel of opinions. Furthermore, points may open opportunities for the editors to approach you directly via email, inviting you to write an opinion piece or collaborate on an article.

3. Participate in Collective Decision-Making

At the core of our mission is the desire to bring diverse voices to the table, making public debates more comprehensible and fostering collective decision-making. We are actively developing real-time synthesis modules to consolidate discussions, enabling cities and local authorities to incorporate your proposals into their public policies.

Additionally, our dedicated team is engaged in research to create a more accessible and impactful space, where debates can translate into political decisions and even the formulation of laws. Our aim is to become a democratic instrument for citizens to refine their arguments and influence political life effectively.

4. Enhancing SEO Friendliness

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we are committed to making our platform more search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. By implementing SEO strategies, we ensure that your contributions gain better visibility and wider reach on search engine results.

In conclusion, by following these guidelines, you can maximize your impact on our evolving debate space. Whether it's gaining prominence for your arguments, unlocking exclusive features, or participating in collective decision-making, our platform aims to empower every citizen in shaping political discourse and driving positive change. Let's embrace the power of debate and make a difference together.