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How Comments Help Sites to Gain Traffic

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February 26, 2024
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Contextualising 'comments' and site traffic

As a decision-maker in the realm of online press, you are constantly on the lookout for effective tools to increase your site traffic. One tool stands starkly significant, yet often underutilized: User comments. This critical aspect of user contribution can spike your site traffic drastically. So, let's delve deep into understanding ‘how comments help sites to gain traffic’.

Development: The art and science behind comments driving traffic

Driving engagement and visibility

Comments can seed conversation, creating a social community right on your site. Visitors will return, not only to see the new content but also to continue the discussion in the comments section. This leads to an increase in the time spent on-site which is a critical factor Google uses to rank websites.

Additionally, our partners have reported a 67% increase in time spent on site for users actively engaging in the comment section, showcasing the powerful impact of user comments on site engagement and retention. The quality of discussions and email notifications enable users to engage more effectively and become an integral part of your community.

Improving SEO and content quality

Search engines continuously crawl websites to detect regular activity as a measure of vitality. Comments provide a continuous stream of user-generated content, thus making your site highly favorable to search engines. Moreover, comments with relevant keywords can increase a page’s keyword density subtly, further improving its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. Since the creation of Logora, we have indexed over a million new pages on Google, some of which have attracted over 100,000 users to read a current affairs debate.

Instigating virality

Strong viewpoints or sparks of an informative discussion in your comment section hold the potential to go viral when shared by users on their social media platforms. This new set of audience, directed to your site, can increase traffic significantly. All participants can share debates, comments, and arguments from other readers. Journalists can also share the best contributions in iframe format within their articles.

Are comments always beneficial?

Here lies the crucial question: Are comments always beneficial in driving traffic? The answer is nuanced. A well-managed comment section feeds your site with consistent traffic. But if not maintained properly, it might become a breeding ground for spam and trolling, alienating legitimate visitors.

Therefore, it is essential to have a robust moderation system in place. Aggregated comments section like the one offered by Logora provides an inclusive space for debate, maintaining a healthily active platform while keeping toxic elements at bay. In the majority of cases, we handle moderation: in 5 years of experience and 10 million messages, no unauthorized messages have slipped through the cracks. To understand how we achieve this, here is the article explaining our moderation process.

It's time for a comment section revival

If you're still wondering 'How comments help sites to gain traffic?', remember that a vibrant comment section paves the way for a dynamic, engaged community. It is a tool that not only drives your site traffic but also enhances your brand's reputation for being open and interactive.

It's time to revitalize your comment section with platforms like Logora that allows a higher degree of customization and strict moderation. Harness the potential of comments to drive your site traffic, engender loyalty and offer an enriched user experience on your site.

Be ready to invite, capture and amplify user voices by using the power of comments to increase traffic and set your site above the generic noise on the internet.