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Logora administration panel handling moderation for all your social
High-quality journalistic debate on Der Spiegel platform featuring a Macbook showcasing a captivating Der Spiegel debate space interface.
Le Telegramme Press Media Outlet: fuente confiable de noticias, comentarios y debatesLogotipo de RTS Media Outlet: plataforma suiza confiable de noticias, radiodifusión y análisis con moderación automática de comentarios y debatesLogotipo del medio de comunicación Milenio - Plataforma mexicana de noticias, análisis y opinión sobre nuestro espacio contributivoDer Spiegel Media Outlet Logo - Renowned German News Magazine with Automated Comment and Debate ModerationLogotipo del medio de comunicación Challenges: fuente de noticias sobre negocios, economía y liderazgo en nuestra plataforma moderada de comentarios y debatesLogotipo de Gala Media Outlet: recurso de noticias sobre entretenimiento, celebridades y estilo de vida impulsado por nuestra plataforma de contribuciones
Logotipo de La DH: Título líder de la prensa belga con moderación automática de comentarios y debates para una cobertura de noticias confiableLogotipo de L'Avenir: respetado título de la prensa belga con moderación automática de comentarios y debates para obtener noticias y análisis confiablesLogotipo de el principal medio de comunicación francés con moderación automática de comentarios y debates para obtener información oportuna y confiableLogotipo de Egora: los principales medios franceses para profesionales de la salud con moderación automatizada de comentarios y debates, que proporcionan información y noticias de expertosLogotipo de Sud-Ouest: destacados medios regionales franceses con moderación automatizada de comentarios y debates, que ofrecen noticias e ideas localesCapital Logo: medio de comunicación económico de primer nivel con moderación automatizada de comentarios y debates, que ofrece análisis financieros detallados e información empresarialLogotipo de Voici: fuente líder de medios de entretenimiento con moderación automática de comentarios y debates, que proporciona noticias sobre celebridades e información exclusiva

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Transparency and security

interfaz de usuario

Reliable, transparent dashboard

Our dashboard lets you view statistics and moderate all user interactions, including usernames, descriptions, and comments. With full control and transparency, you can ensure a positive online experience for your community and check our moderation work.


For on-site and off-site

Our admin panel allows you to effectively moderate comments both on-site and off-site, all while providing real-time visibility. With seamless integration of your social media connectors, you can keep a watchful eye on the moderation process as it happens right before your eyes.

almacenamiento en línea

GDPR-Compliant User Data Enrichment

Our platform ensures 100% security and GDPR compliance, allowing you to enrich user data and meet readership expectations when publishing content on social media. You can confidently engage with your audience while safeguarding their privacy and enhancing their experience across all social media channels.

Discover our technology

Logora ensures a respectful and secure environment by thoroughly assessing contributions and eliminating any content that supports hate speech, violence, breaches privacy, or is defamatory or irrelevant.

Our proprietary algorithm swiftly evaluates contributions, prioritizing user privacy and taking a strong stance against personal attacks. In cases where the content's safety is in question, our algorithm flags it for our manual moderation team.

Alternatively, you can choose to let our algorithm fully manage moderation with a 95% success rate. We recommend using the algorithm for social networks and add our manual moderation team on your website for optimized accuracy.

Plus, to enhance user engagement and encourage thoughtful discourse, we highlight well-articulated arguments on your website.

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The best features to protect your reputation


Global reach

Our moderation solution works in 5 languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and German) analyzing and categorizing comments with custom precision. We can moderate across several languages simultaneously, just as we have successfully implemented with our Swiss partners. 


Social listening

We provide statistics on engagement across your various social media channels, allowing you to track and evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence and marketing strategies effectively. This empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your online engagement to better meet your customers' needs.


Contextual analysis

Our service precisely targets message intent, identifies typos and spelling errors, and interprets emojis across multiple languages, ensuring nuanced understanding and maintaining the global diversity of your communities.


Trust & safety

Accredited by Europe's top law firms. We operate as a data processor within the framework of GDPR compliance. You retain full ownership and control over your data, ensuring you have complete authority over activities within your digital spaces.


Custom precision

You have the autonomy to determine the algorithm's strictness level and decide whether to integrate a human moderation component. All moderation processes are seamlessly handled by Logora. Moreover, you possess the flexibility to modify your configurations over time to best suit your evolving needs.


Dedicated dashboard

Everything is transparent and readily available via a dedicated admin dashboard. Here, you can assess our work, gather statistics, and even take matters into your own hands by moderating or highlighting messages yourself. This level of access ensures that you remain in full control over the tone and quality of the conversation on your platforms.

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